Imagine that you are trying to contact your loved one who lives in another district, but for almost 12 hours, you are unable to reach them. It is a frightening feeling, and if you're a resident of South Stann Creek or Toledo, you may have given your family members a scare last night.

This is because many people residing in the southernmost districts experienced a loss of connectivity on their cell phone yesterday evening, sometime around 4:30.

You may have been completely off the grid - unable to send or receive calls or text or even connect to wifi or data.

Well, you're not alone since it seems that all communities south of Santa Cruz Village in Stann Creek had the same issue - a massive fail on Digi's part.

When we spoke with the public relations officer, Steve Yarwood, he explained that the fiber cables in Santa Cruz were cut, causing a break in the system that cut off southern Stann Creek and Toledo from the rest of the country - and the rest of the world!

Yarwood told us that, evidently, persons decided to cut the cables - whether for mischief or to sell them, he isn't sure. Digi's technicians were deployed to the area at 5pm and worked for 13 hours, bringing back full connectivity by 6am this morning.

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