As part of the concession to public officers, teachers will work 5 fewer hours per week.

But, it was a concession made to the joint unions. So, how will it work for teachers? The PM says that has to be worked out:

'We've seen a circular for the public service to work a fewer hours. How's that going to work for teachers?"

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize
"That is a part of what they are insisting. They saying since we're going to cut their salaries that they want to work less hours. I was disappointed in that, but again, trying to accommodate them as best as we possibly could, because we did not want to seem heartless, like we didn't care for them, we decided that we are going to do that and with the teachers right now Minister Fonseca and his team they are meeting with the different managements and they will have to find a way how they'd be able to accommodate that. But again, the education of our children is paramount and we need to find a way how we are going to be able to accomplish that 5 less hours but still accomplish the goal of having our children get the best possible education."

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