Team Prepares for Gold Cup and Nationís League

The federation now prepares for the 2026 World Cup with a focus on the junior national teams who have scheduled matches overseas and will train in the years ahead to make it to the senior team, the Belize Jaguars. But according to Marlon Kuylen, the current national team has the upcoming Gold Cup and Nationís League for which they will be representing the country.

Marlon Kuylen, Executive Member, F.F.B.

ďWhat we have to look forward to is four years time for the next World Cup, which will be in our region between Mexico, U.S.A. and Canada. But in the meantime, once we decide what we do when it comes to this senior team now, which I believe we will bring in more youths and maybe some key veterans and build around this core of players that we have right now. But in the meantime, every two years we have the Nationís League and the Gold Cup that we can also prepare for. But once we start working with this group, these youth, this group, in four years time they will be a force to reckon with once we keep them together and playing friendlies and playing as much matches as possible. Itís unfortunate, as I was saying earlier, federations get graded by the type of participation they have in terms of senior teams in tournaments, but there is so much more happening, so much work that the federation does.Ē

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