Tonight the upheaval inside the UDP continues, and it looks to be getting worse for Leader Patrick Faber. As has been reported, Faber was caught on surveillance camera in a domestic dispute - and that video has been widely circulated over the past week.

At the same time, multiple senior members of his party have come forth and condemned his actions - at least two have said he should resign.

One of them is Shyne Barrow and in a Facebook post he made 40 minutes ago, he ratcheted up his opposition to his party leader.

The post says, "Patrick Faber does not enjoy the confidence of the majority of Opposition Members of the House.

Tracy Panton enjoys the confidence of the majority of Opposition Members of the House.

We will convene an emergency meeting of the UDP National Party Council before we proceed to write the Governor General."

But, while he names others, it's a one man post - and while Shyne is trying to keep his leader under maximum pressure - by threatening no less than a palace coup in parliament, the fact is Faber is the one who determines when a National Party Council meeting is called. And he hasn't had one in 8 months - so that is even more unlikely now.

We know that Tracey Teagar Panton has requested an NPC meeting - but, again, it is unlikely to happen.

And while this brews amongst the elected representatives - a defeated former representative, John Saldivar is said to be gathering signatures from political caretakers and standard bearers to trigger a recall of Patrick Faber as party leader.

So, there it is, as Leader Faber is under fire from inside parliament and inside his party - days to come will determine if he is able to withstand the attacks. A National Executive meeting has reportedly been called for the end of this month.

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