PACT Celebrates 25 Years of Supporting the Management of the Belize National Protected Areas System.

June 6th, 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT). The Trust was operationalized as a statutory body in 1996 as Belize's national financing mechanism for protected areas and it has directly invested over $34 Million in the national protected areas system in addition to varied indirect financial support. To mark this 25-year milestone in its institutional history, PACT will be undertaking a series of activities throughout our 25th year aimed at achieving fresh branding and audience sensitization, social impact, encouraging public involvement, and demonstrating partner appreciation.

Additionally, this year PACT will be diligently working on a new Strategic Plan and Conservation Investment Strategy for the next 3 to 5 years as well as a transitional support program in response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on protected areas management. Our aim is to continue to advance our mission to effectively manage the Belize National Protected Areas System through strategic partnerships and high impact investments while also achieving our vision of becoming a trusted global leader in sustainable development and enhancing the quality of life of all Belizeans through funding and coordination of a resilient protected areas system.

PACT invites the public, community-based organizations, and established investment partners to join us in celebrating such a significant milestone by looking out for our planned activities which include:

  • Fresh Branding and Website Re-design
  • The 25 Years of PACT Podcast
  • PACT Trivia Hour
  • Environmental Club Guide for Secondary Schools
  • National Parks Geocaches
  • Unveiling of Conservation Investment Strategy and Bridge Financing
  • PACT Partnership Framework Launch

PACT Celebrates 25 Years of Protecting Belize

The Protected Areas Conservation Trust, a statutory body is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. Since its inception in 1996 the organization has invested over thirty-four million dollars in the country’s protected areas.  To mark the milestone, PACT will carry out a series of activities over the next twelve months that will see fresh branding and encourage public involvement.  Andre Marsden is PACT’s multimedia officer.

On the Phone: Andre Marsden, Multimedia Officer, PACT

“The Protected Areas Conservation Trust began with the passing of the PACT Act in 1995, but we mark June 6 th , 1996 as the day that the institution became operational.  So June sixth is marked as our anniversary date.  Since then, PACT has supported the management and development of the Belize National Protected Areas System.  Today there are a hundred and three protected areas in the BNPAS and PACT works with government departments, particularly the departments of forestry and fisheries, as well as non-government organizations to support the health and sustainability of the protected areas.  After twenty-five years, we faced a number of challenges and significantly learned a lot of lessons along the way, lessons that we have adapted to and we’re hoping to continue to adapt for at least another twenty-five years.”

Isani Cayetano

“What does this twenty-five year milestone mean for the organization?”

On the Phone: Andre Marsden

“A couple of the ideals that we’ve always aimed towards have been sustainability, vision and steadfastness.  It’s one of the things that have shaped the development of PACT for the past twenty-five years so the fact that we have made it to a quarter of a century and continue to do the important work of supporting Belize’s protected areas, protected areas that not only serve as tourist attractions but serve very practical purposes for the daily lives of Belizeans.  They support our industries, they support our economic development and there are also areas that are very rich with our diverse culture.  The fact that we have been able to do for the past twenty-five years is a significant accomplishment and it’s one that we really want to focus on as a milestone that not only marks where we’ve come from so far but it’s a good place to look toward the future and apply that vision.”

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