Goodness that didn't take long...

Will Gluck & 'Chameleon' Producer Campside Media Reteam On Belize-Based True-Crime Project; TV Series & Podcast Set In Conjunction

A controversial shooting in Belize by the daughter-in-law of British Conservative donor Lord Michael Ashcroft is to be the subject of an interesting new project from Will Gluck and Campside Media, the company behind the hot Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen podcast.

The Peter Rabbit writer/director and the Sister-backed producer are working together on a docuseries podcast and a scripted TV series. However, instead of Campside making the podcast and then optioning the rights down the line, they are working with Gluck from the start.

It marks an interesting new frontier in the audio space and how it is being used to create TV and film adaptations.

The new story, which is described as "Succession set in the Caribbean and with a mysterious murder investigation at the center", follows the story of Jasmine Hartin and Henry Jemmott.

"The hope is that both projects will tell the true-crime saga and also explore how an empire was formed in a foreign land, as well as what someone like Ashcroft must do to hold it all together. "This feels like Succession if you pumped it full of offshore banking, foreign jurisdictions, homicide, imperialism, and British accents," said Gluck.
"Here you have this guy running basically an entire country in the shadows - and then overnight, this shocking, racially tinged shooting brings all this press and scrutiny, " added Dean. "I had gone my entire life without knowing one thing about Lord Ashcroft and now I can't stop reading about the guy, and about Belize at large."

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