An additional batch of COVID-19 vaccine will arrive next week through the COVAX facility. To date, more than seventy thousand Belizeans have received their first shot.

Dr. Natalia Largaespada Beer, Maternal & Child Health Technical Advisor, M.O.H.W.

We are expecting thirty-three thousand, six thousand in July from COVAX. And then, probably by early next week, we should have the next allocation of one hundred and thirty-eight thousand for Belize through COVAX. With this one hundred thousand we receive from Mexico that will improve the access for the target population.

Paul Lopez

I would assume it is also dependent on the level of vaccination hesitancy we have in the country.

Dr. Natalia Largaespada Beer

I think that the issue we are facing is that there is a lot of misinformation. And I think people are understanding and I must thank all the Belizeans that are assuming their individual responsibility towards ending the pandemic of COVID-19. So far, we have administered more than seventy thousand doses. Im sure if we had more vaccines, we would have delivered more. I do agree that more information needs to reach to population that have not had access to information or sessions, sharing the importance of the vaccine.

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