1. Welcome and Introduction
2. Background information on BECOL
3. Report on Water Quality of the Macal River
4. Report on Emergency Preparedness
5. Report on Mercury-in-fish monitoring in the Macal River
6. Questions & Answers


BECOL Holds Virtual Public Forum

If you live along the Macal River or near the Chalillo Dam, the Belize Electric Company Limited is hosting a virtual public information session tonight you may want to attend. The session is being held to update the community about BECOL’s mercury in fish data, the water quality of the Macal River and their early warning system. News Five spoke to Oscar Alonzo, the Environment, Health and Safety Officer.

Oscar Alonzo, Environment, Health and Safety Officer, BECOL

“Tonight’s session is a public information session, otherwise known as a public meeting. We use to do them in person before the pandemic. But of course with pandemic restrictions, we have to move to a virtual platform. The meetings are basically geared towards informing the public, keeping the public informed and updated as it relates to different issues that arise due to the operation of the hydroelectric facilities. Three topics you see listed, those are the main themes that interest people, our communities and residence. One of those being the emergency procedure in the event of a dam emergency. We also do several environmental studies to ensure our activities are not negatively impacting the environment as well as the health and environment of our communities downstream. One of those is the water quality monitoring program we have had in place for the past fourteen sixteen years or more. Another one is mercury in fish, which is another big issue when it comes to hydroelectric dams.”

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