And while the foreign minister balances regional diplomacy, three cyclists are going for the gold in the US. Brothers Jafari and Wasani Castro, along with teammates Henry Li, are repping the 501 by competing in several cycling events across the US. Most recently, they competed in the Tulsa Tough race which lasted three days. However, on the final day, they banded together to give Li a chance at the first place - and they were met with success in the category 3 amateur race. Today we spoke with the 19-year-old teenager from Orange Walk and his teammates via Zoom.

Jafari Castro, Cyclist
"The third day we came through with a plan to work for Henry because he is the lightest guy on the team and the lighter you are, the better you are at climbing and it was a really hilly course the last days, so we came up with a plan. Actually, a friend of ours Justin Williams, his dad actually gave us the game plan to follow through with and we came up with that plan and then worked for Henry and put him in the correct position, so that's what really came through with the win."

Wasani Castro, Cyclist
"The race was pretty exciting, because it was our first time racing in Tulsa and having it being the biggest and one of the most hardest races in the event. It was pretty challenging at first, but after coming out with the win, we've gotten a kind of bit more confident for the rest of the races to come."

Henry Li, Cyclist
"The atmosphere was insane. Every street was just packed with people and fans and going through every lap hearing people scream, having them throw water, throw beers - just being in it it was really exciting and to me I felt like I had to get a really good result for the team, having my team mates already sacrificing themselves for me and when it came down to the end I guess I was the guy with the best legs in all of the competition, so that's how I end up getting the win. It was a really great feeling. We all couldn't put in our work. We are all discipline, we are all committed and of course we all have that patience in us, because everyone has their day or has their moment for the opportunity that they will get to showcase what they have."

Wasani Castro, Cyclist
"We started off by doing Tour de Murrieta, that was in California like last week and we did Tulsa in Oklahoma. The other race starting tomorrow in Wisconsin where we are at the moment called Tour of America's Dairy Land and its a 12 days event. However, due to Father's Day which is a rest day and today which is a junior pro - we are only doing 10 days race and after that we travel to Chicago for a 10 days criterium called Intelligentsia Cup. I would like to thank Roque Matus from M&M's Engineering, Tarique Cano, Dion Leslie, Alvan Card, Hon. Espat, Hon. Kevin Bernard, my dad Edmond Castro, John Saldivar, Sergio Chuc, Bill Williams, Dwayne Wade, Triple A Imports, L&A Bike Shop, Justin Williams and also his dad."

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