Former Belmopan Area Representative John Saldivar, whose leadership of the United Democratic Party was short-lived, has responded to Shyneís ascent to Leader of the Opposition.† In a lengthy statement issued on Tuesday night, Saldivar says that the issue is neither about him nor Shyne Barrow.† Nonetheless, Saldivar goes on to say that Shyne will not be the next leader of the U.D.P.† In his response, Saldivar† calls out factions of the party that are seemingly prepared to excuse Faberís behavior while they rejoiced at his resignation amid the Lev Dermen scandal.† While Saldivar maintains his innocence, he compared the allegation made against him to the current debacle Faber is faced with.† He was also very clear in pointing out that he shares no friendship with Faber.† In fact, he said, ďstep down Patrick, donít put our party through this, seek counseling for your aggressive behavior towards women, live to fight another day as I have done.Ē In our interview with Party Chairman Mike Peyrefitte on Tuesday, we asked him about the challenges of maintaining objectivity in a critical situation such as this.

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, United Democratic Party

ďAs the chairman of the party, I have to make sure that all sides are heard.† I have to make sure that all sides are represented fairly and I have to make sure, for example, in a recall convention that the delegatesí voices are heard.† If they choose to keep the Honorable Patrick Faber then thatís it, Mr. Faber stays.† If they choose to recall him then thatís it, Mr. Faber is recalled and then we have the Honorable Hugo Patt taking over on an interim basis.† It is not a pleasant situation to always be in.† We would prefer to have found a much more amicable way to deal with it than what we are doing now, but thatís the nature of politics.† I keep repeating, politics is a full-contact sport and if youíre involved in politics, itís not made for people with thin skin.† Itís not made for people who donít have a level of toughness to deal with humanity.Ē

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