While the bars and clubs disguised as restaurants may play a part in the spread of COVID, one of the main causes of the current clusters are churches. The PM told us today that churches in the villages in Orange Walk and Toledo have had packed sermons and this can be just as deadly as a party.

And he said the only way to stop another wave is for citizens to start abiding by the regulations, no matter how strict.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister

"I have been saying over and over that the only way we can move this country forward, the only way we can open up is if we control the COVID spread. It is unfortunate that Belizeans haven't been listening when we've been telling them social distance, keep your mask, wash your hands. We got lax, we got careless and people are going out in the clubs and behaving as if COVID have disappeared, and also in the churches. Unfortunately the spread that we're seeing right now, according to the Ministry of Health, are coming from the small churches where they pack people in and that is where the spread. In Orange Walk that's what happened, in Trial Farm it came from a church and the same thing happened down south. The only way we can control COVID is one, if we are careful, and get vaccinated. It is important that everyone get vaccinated. Saying that, I think it's not the third wave, I think it's the second wave, the first wave was when we got into government because when we got in we immediately locked down and we basically had almost no COVID, we locked down quickly enough to stop the spread but what is happening now, again the Ministry of Health, following most of the advice from the technical people, that we have to move decisively and make sure that we can stop the spread."

"There's only so much we can do as a government but it is in our hands as citizens of this country t be more careful and to think about others, don't only think about yourself, but think about the people, your family and friends that you can get sick."

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