While the PM says it's citizens who have the brunt of the responsibility for stopping the spread of the virus, there are some non - vaxxers who feel they are now being railroaded into taking rapid tests every two weeks, police among them.

Musa took on the immediate negative reaction from those who feel the Government is forcing citizens to take the jab - or face regular tests.

Here's that back and forth:

SunUp Host
"Some people have been saying that this has been basically a way of you indirectly making it mandatory to get your vaccination, and kinda taking away from your democratic right. Because now, you're kinda forced to do vaccination unless you want to do that uncomfortable test every time. What do you have to say to those kinds of statements?"

Hon. Kareem Musa - Minister Home Affairs
"It's definitely not mandating the vaccine. I think a lot of people have their suspicions, and I will not judge them for that. They have their religious beliefs. We cannot judge them for that. And so, there's no mandating of the vaccine. But at the same time, there's a harmless test that you can take to ensure that you are not infected with COVID because like I said, the majority of cases are asymptomatic. And so, while it is that you as an employee might not be displaying symptoms, you're going into a working environment. You're actually dealing with a lot of members of the public, and so, that's why we categorize who all the frontline personnel is. It's no more just BDF, police, teachers, or nurses and doctor. It's also our economic front-liners, those who are in the tourism industry, who engage with members of the public and with tourists on a daily basis. They need to ensure their status, that they are negative every 2 weeks because the virus does take a while to show. And so, that is why it's recommended every 2 weeks. You just get a negative test, a very simple test. You go and get it, and then you present it to work."

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