And switching gears now, plastic bottles and water pouches on the side of the highways, in canals, and in the stomach of marine life is a plague on the environment. Not only does it harm the wildlife, it is also unsightly.

Belize Brewing Company, being the manufacturer of most of these plastic bottles, has been encouraging citizens to send their soda and water bottles back to the company to be recycled.

The process of baling the bottles takes place right on the compound before it is shipped off to a recycling company.

Today, Courtney Menzies went up to the site and documented the process. Here's her story.

What do you do with your plastic Coke and water bottles when you're finished with them? If your answer isn't recycling, then you may want to start. Those soda and water bottles, as well as water pouches, are a main contributor to the litter that plagues out wildlife both on land and in the sea.

Most of those bottles come from Belize Brewing Company, which has gone a bit greener with their new compactors. Bottles that are returned to them are crushed, baled, and sent to Guatemala to be recycled. According to the Logistics Director, Joel Salazar, they've expanded their compacting stations across the country to encourage residents to return their bottles.

Joel Salazar, Logistics Director, Belize Brewing Co.
"This has been in place for over two years but last year we expended our capabilities to Orange Walk, San Ignacio, San Pedro and Caye Caulker so we're able to handle more of our bottles, we can process more."

"The bottles you can take them in to any of our sale centers, from there they're collecting in bags, the bags are then transported here where they are process first through a perforator and then compacted in the compactor that you see to the back here. Simple process."

And a simple way to add some change in your pockets, since a small soda bottle goes for five cents and larger ones go for ten. After the bottles are compacted and shipped, they are prepared for reuse.

Joel Salazar, Logistics Director, Belize Brewing Co.
"Whenever we have enough to export, which would be normally a trailer at a time, we would export them to Guatemala."

"It goes to another recycler, this is only a collection and a compacting point, it is sold to a recycler in Guatemala and there it is process ever further, broken down into pellets that can then be reused for other purposes."

Your soda and water bottles normally have a 1 within the recyclable symbol, meaning those are PET plastics, which can only be recycled into fiberfill for things like sleeping bags and pillows.

But you can return any Bowen product - including glass bottles and 5 gallons - because it is all recyclable.

Joel Salazar, Logistics Director, Belize Brewing Co.
"In terms of the average products, the beverage lines that we have, the beer for example, a 100% of that comes in recycling bottles. 60% of our soft drink business is recyclable bottles, the plastic bottles, 55% of that we get back, so that leaves us with quite a bit of bottles that we have taken back and further recycle and keep it out of landfills."

"What we've done by investing in all of these facilities at each one of our location is that we're making it more convenient for all of our consumers to go to the nearest center near them to turn in their bottles and keep it out of landfills and have a second purpose for it."

"All of our bottles you can turn in to any one of our centers, 5 gallon, PET, any on of our containers you can send them back to our location."

Unfortunately, you won't get any extra change for water products - no refund is offered for those, and the proof of that lack of incentive is visible on the shoulder of every highway and street.

But - even with no spare change - you can get a sense of a pride by helping to reduce plastics that end up on beaches and highways.

The bottles that are recycled represent 300 tons of plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills or on the streets.

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