Traffic accidents are becoming an issue in San Pedro Town, mainly north of town, where over the past few days, the traffic department, first-aid responders, and police have responded to a series of accidents. A number of these incidents are linked to motorists driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding. As a result, the San Pedro Town Council, along with the transport department and the local police formation, are working on rules to tackle the issue.

According to Mayor Gualberto 'Wally' Nu�ez, they are taking the matter seriously before more accidents take place. The plan is to install more checkpoints, in this case, on the northern road, which sees a heavy load of traffic, particularly on weekends. Many islanders and tourists visit the Secret Beach area, and it is during the rush heading back to town that these accidents occur. Nu�ez also said that there would be stricter penalties when it comes to drinking and driving. Another option is to also place more speed bumps on the road. These and other measures are expected to be announced soon by the local authorities. The San Pedro Police formation will further enforce the penalties on those caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Tickets will be issued, and if these are not paid, violators could be arrested and taken to court. A suspension of the driver's license can also be the ultimate penalty for repeated offenders.

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