If the COVID hospitalizations get worse, a concern is that there will be a shortage of nurses. Since the migration of a significant number of Filipino nurses two months ago and the completion of the tour of duty for the Cuban medical brigade, the K.H.M.H. has gone ahead to source other nurses to fill the void. But, as Doctor Sosa explains, a worsening COVID situation would mean the hospital will be looking to the Ministry of Health and Wellness to assist with more nurses on staff.

On the Phone: Dr. Andre Sosa, Chairman, K.H.M.H.

"We have been conducting very aggressive recruitment campaigns and we have been able to substantially make up numbers of nurses presently employed. So, we have gotten twelve full-time replacements, seven part-time replacement nurses and we are looking to employ at least eight more nurses by the first of August. Our fear is if there's a full-blown COVID outbreak, then we would need about twenty more nurses to help us to cover all the shifts. We depend heavily on assistance and cooperation from the Ministry of Health and Wellness, which has been monitoring the situation closely. We've been able to count on good cooperation from them. In the event that we need further support from them in terms of numbers, we will be turning to them."

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