A message from Jamal Witty and the team at The National Channel:

Belize is one of the last pristine places on earth, but we're not as untouched as we may believe. We have made an impact on Belize, as much as humans have made an impact on the world and we've already lost so much. We've lost forest, we've lost wildlife and we are continuing to lose even more. We're losing habitats: we're losing land (deforestation), clean rivers (water pollution), and with them our precious marine resources and all of the breathtaking animals that have nowhere else to call home. We have so much more left to lose, a healthy atmosphere, freshwater, farmable land and agriculture and everything that sustains us and makes us Belize.

That's why conservation is so important. It's understanding that these natural resources are limited and that if we are to live on then they must be protected, so we need to use them more wisely and with purpose. We've been fighting and we've accomplished so much (ban on plastic, ban on offshore drilling, establish protected areas), but there's still a lot left to do.

What can we do?

To protect our oceans, to protect our forests, to protect our wildlife, and to protect our people, everyone must do their part:

� Conserve energy (turn off lights, fan or AC when leaving a room)
� Conserve water (fix leaks and other good water-waste management practices)
� Reduce, reuse or recycle
� Support local environmental groups and NGOs (clean up campaigns and attend fundraising events)
� But most importantly, we can help our friends, neighbors and government to understand and do their part too