The San Pedro Town Council would like to advise the public that the monthly fees for crossing the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge will be as follows:

These charges will come into effect on Sunday, August 15th, 2021. Private golf carts and motorcycles are exempt.

Utility/Goods Trucks: $500
Taxi & Hotel Transport Vans: $350.00
Golf cart rentals: $250
Private Motor Vehicles -$150.00

Please note that the fees are specifically for large utility & goods transfer trucks, Golf Cart Rentals, Taxi & Hotel transfer service vans. Private Motor Vehicles with the exception of motorcycles and Private Golf carts.

Payment of fees will be done exclusively at the San Pedro Town Council cashier, after which a sticker will be issued to the vehicle as proof of payment.

Interested parties are encouraged to make arrangements at the San Pedro Town Council before August 15th, 2021.