Ximena is now settling into her new home at Wildtracks, Sarteneja, Corozal. As we look back over the last days, we have so many people to thank on both sides of the Guatemala / Belize border for ensuring this manatee arrived safely. She may be one small manatee, but she represents so much more.

She is one of perhaps fewer than 2,500 manatees in the region, and her successful rehabilitation and release will add one more female to the small population. She is testament to the effective collaboration across borders for successful conservation outcomes. She is beautiful and important in her own right, and deserves every chance to return to a life in the wild.

As a newly orphaned calf, her future is still precarious, she is in critical condition, she still needs to be stabilized at the end of her flight, she still needs to make it through intensive care´┐Żbut she is travelling forward.

Thank you to all of those who have contributed to her journey so far.

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