Jasmine's Judicial Week

The woman accused of killing Superintendent Henry Jemmott, Jasmine Hartin is back in court tomorrow morning and every day for the rest of this week.

Tomorrow she faces a charge of common assault against an employee of her former home, the Grand colony, On Thursday she attends the most recent court date in the matter of the manslaughter by negligence of Henry Jemmott, and finally on Friday Hartin and her former partner Andrew Ashcroft return to family court to continue custody proceedings for their four-year-old twins.

And this afternoon when our Cherisse Halsall caught up with Hartin's attorney Dickie Bradley she asked him how he sees the rest of the week unfolding for Jasmine Hartin. Here's his response.

Dickie Bradley, Attorney-At-Law
"You ever heard of anybody got 3 in a row. It's like a trinity of troubles. She looks strong, she is bearing up. At this early stage of the game, she, more than likely is going to go into court and be given an adjourned date. You know by law no person can be tried in any court in this country unless they are given what the law calls 'disclosure' deposition. All the statements, all the documentary evidence, any exhibits and so forth must be given to an accused person before they can be a trial. The constitution says to be afforded sufficient adequate time to be able to defend yourself, so you can't give me in the morning and start the trial right there and then."

"So you have not been given disclosure?"

Dickie Bradley, Attorney-At-Law
"I have not receiving any disclosure. So she will go in court more than likely and be given adjourned dates for those matters. In terms of the family matter, I don't know where that is, if it will actually get underway."

"Sir, you expect adjournment for both the common assault and the other matter?"

Dickie Bradley, Attorney-At-Law
"The indictable matter of manslaughter by negligence, that will certainly be adjourned."

"So there is no scenario where she has to make a plea tomorrow?"

Dickie Bradley, Attorney-At-Law
"No, for the summary matters, the moment she was arraigned in a magistrate court and the charges were read, she was called upon to plea and she plead not guilty. For an indictable matter, that cannot be tried in a magistrate court, so they do not call upon an accused person to offer a plea."

"Sir, I know a lot of people have been waiting on that ballistic report and the reason they are waiting is they assume the results of that could lead to a higher charge, a charge of murder. Do you see that on the horizon?"

Dickie Bradley, Attorney-At-Law
"I am looking at the horizon right now and I do not see that. The charge of murder is premised, it is grounded in intentionally taking life. Where is the evidence to show that she intentionally took life. There is none. You would have to concoct, manufactured, come with guessing and supposition and guess game - that is not the law. The law is based on hard cold facts. It has to be forensic in looking at matters. It would be a strange thing that at this late stage somebody should try and charge her for murder. Let me just show you something: in the matter of taking life, in our jurisdiction, murder is at the top of the list. The worst crime you can do is murder, because you took a life intentionally. That's a very serious matter. Even the bible says if you take life, your life is forfeit, your life is to be taken. That is the highest. Just below murder is manslaughter, which is you took life, but that was not your intention. The third one is manslaughter by negligence; meaning that you did an act which was reckless and negligent and you caused death."

"We know that there is machinations and all kinds of malice behind the hounding of this lady. I think you had covered extensively the last time she had a nightmare experience in which she was actually detained when she went to sign in at a station in San Ignacio and then move all around the place like she is one of the worst criminals to ever be caught in the country and then they wanted to take away her bail for a common assault and then the employee of the people she is in conflict with turn up at the supreme court one afternoon that all of a sudden they want to take away the bail."

"This is why I have to ask you sir, because you say an upgraded charge to murder would be strange. But truth is stranger than fiction."

Dickie Bradley, Attorney-At-Law
"Truth is still stranger than fiction? We need to have a conversation with truth, because strange things do happen, but truth in the end always wins. That is the beautiful thing about it."

We'll tell you what happens in court tomorrow.

Jasmine Hartin Back In Court

Last night we updated you on Jasmine Hartin's judicial week, the three days' worth of court dates that Belize's most famous defendant was about to face.

That update came from her Attorney, Dickie Bradley who let us know that the week ahead was in essence no big deal and that he wasn't expecting anything more than a series of adjournments.

And today in the San Pedro magistrate's court that's exactly what he and his client got.

Cherisse Halsall was in the courtroom and spoke to Bradley outside:

Cherisse Halsall:
"Mr. Bradley so everything you said to me yesterday has come true. It was an adjournment plain and simple."

Dickie Bradley, Attorney-At-Law
"I should have given you the name of the Obeah lady that I consult regularly in these matters. No disclosure was handed the paper, handed is just a reminder paper to Ms. Hartin that her court date has been set for another day."

"I have asked and the magistrate was considerate enough that, it is unfair, she doesn't live in San Pedro you know this is really rough for her, so the magistrate could not have known those simple facts so we made an application and asked if for tomorrow she could be please informed from today when is the adjourned date for that matter. The magistrate was kind enough to allow her to be instructed today that in relation to the other matter she need not come back to court today because she can come back on another date."

"The media had posed the matter of the tiny amount of drugs and that was of no importance and suddenly when the dark hand from behind her is trying to cause as much as possible, she has told me, she has made the allegation that certain videos that are coming out to the public for viewing are coming out from a place where she knows exactly where it's coming from and it's aimed at trying to destroy her image in the eyes of the public and hopefully it taints any matter that she would have in court."

"Ms. Hartin is a victim of the system technically speaking she is to come to the San Pedro magistrate's court today in regards to the summary matters, the assault and the teeny weenie cunu amount of so-called drugs which is not for her and then when she originally appeared in relation to the manslaughter by negligence charge a date had been set which is for Thursday the 12th which is tomorrow and then they ambushed her with another matter having failed to get her supreme court bail revoked and if that had happened we now know what would have been the result, so that failed. So now they have openly come forward to take away her two children so that matter continues in the family court on Friday. So she is the first person in the history of Belize that has to go to court, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday."

Hartin's next appearance for the charge of manslaughter by negligence is set for October 5th.

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