Area Representative, the Honourable Andre Perez, has confirmed that funds have been secured to build a new bridge next to the Sir Barry Bowen's at Boca del Rio. The new bridge will accommodate the traffic flow demand heading into and from the northern part of Ambergris Caye, targeting large, heavy vehicles. The current bridge was built to accommodate golf carts and pedestrians, but as the island continues to grow, the vehicular traffic, including vehicles, cargo, and dump trucks, all utilize the bridge. This has resulted in wear and tear on the bridge, and officials are concerned it could collapse. While plans for a new bridge are underway, the current passageway is undergoing expensive repairs, amounting to over half a million dollars.

Perez stated that while the funds have been secured, they need to be paid back. He did not say if such money came from a loan or another source. "It is coming; we have secured the funding," said Perez. "We have to come up with the plan how to pay it back." One of the ways is through the upcoming toll fees that go into effect on Sunday, August 15th. Perez explained that this time, the fees will be used not only to pay for the new bridge but also to provide adequate maintenance. He pointed out that the previous town administration collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from the toll, and nothing was reportedly done to maintain the current bridge or build a new one.

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