The monthly fees for using the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge were to go into effect on Sunday, August 15th; however, the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) is reviewing them once more. The final and updated toll fees are now expected to come into effect on September 1, 2021. This is the second time the proposed rates to access the bridge will be reviewed. Mayor Gualberto 'Wally' Nu�ez stated that they had heard the concerns of the public, who complain the fees are too high. The new rates are expected to be more reasonable. The Mayor said these fees are needed to keep the current bridge in good condition. According to the SPCT, the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge is in deplorable conditions. They blame this due to the lack of proper maintenance over the past years.

The monthly rates that were to go into effect this past Sunday are as follow: taxi/hotel transport vans/small cargo trucks are $150, while golf cart rentals will be charged $250, covering a total of 15 carts and $50 for an additional ten carts. In regards to the private motor vehicles/goods trucks, the monthly fee will be $75.

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