The Attorney General’s Ministry categorically states that there has been no court order that goes against or legally countermands the law set out in Statutory Instrument (SI) No. 74.

In a release issued today by the Belizean Rights and Justice Movement (BRJM), the entity asserts that because a claim challenging the SI has been filed with the Supreme Court, “the matter is now sub judice, and as such, there can be no legal action taken against anyone pursuant to Statutory Instrument 74 until the matter has been determined.”

The BRJM goes on to advise employees (not vaccinated) to show up to work.

The AG’s Ministry clarifies that there has been NO court ordered injunction against the enforcement of SI No. 74 and that these regulations are still in force and effect.

The AG’s Ministry continues to advise the public to be informed of and advised by the law, and not by falsehoods and blatant legal misrepresentations.