With the Pfizer vaccines now in the country, the Ministry of Education has its sights set on October 4th as a tentative date for the start of hybrid learning. Students ages 12-17 will be able to start getting their first dose on Monday. Today the CEO in the ministry, Dian Maheia, explained that there will be a schedule to indicate when and where students can go to get their jab once their parents sign the consent form.

Dian Maheia - CEO, Ministry of Education
"The vaccine rollout will begin on Monday on the 23rd, the ministry of health and the district education centers are collaborating on schedules, so it will actually being across the country in different places. Schedules will be shared, I don't know all the schedules, but I do know that is what's being worked on right now, so the schedules will be coordinated with the schools. So, across the country starting on Monday, students from 12 to 17 and even out of school persons, starting from Monday, 12 to 17 there's going to be a public announcement to know where people can go, there will be different locations on different days, different schools will be used as vaccine sites. It's not every school that will be used, there's going to be coordinating for the schools who have the facilities. The consent forms are going to be shared, some schools have already started to share them, parents are going to need to sign a consent form for their child. We're working on a link, so it can be easier for those parents who prefer to use technology that they can use the form to do the consent electronically and send it in but there's also printed forms. When you take your child to be vaccinated, your child must have the signed consent form. There's going to be public information, we're working on the campaign to share, so that everyone can know but it does begin on Monday."

Muffles College in Orange Walk has already announced its schedule. Starting Monday, the time slot for first formers is from 8am to 10am, second formers then come in until midday, third formers begin at 1 to 2:30pm, and forth formers are 2:30 to 3:30pm. The graduating class of 2021 who are between the ages of 12 to 17 are also invited to take the vaccine between 8 and 3:30.

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