But one thing standard six students don't have to worry about is the PSE. MOE has already announced that it was time to put an end to standardized testing and to shift the focus away from examinations. Instead, the ministry will be implementing diagnostic tests to evaluate how much students have learned and what they are lacking. The minister explained more.

Hon. Francis Fonseca - Minister of Education
"Assessment in the new school year will focus as the CEO pointed out on diagnosis and remediation. Rather than examinations and ranking. There is an urgent need for schools to properly diagnose and address possible weaknesses and gaps in students learning caused by the prolonged period of school closure. As well as the consequence of automatic promotion in primary schools. As a result, the ministry intends to introduce a school wide system of diagnostic assessments at the primary school level. These assessments call the BDAT, the Belize Diagnostic Assessment Test will be administered to students at all grade levels at the start of the school year. The main objectives of the BDAT are to measure the extent to which important knowledge and skills specified in the language arts and mathematics curriculum, have been mastered by students in each grade level and to inform class level t4eachers of the weaknesses and gaps in students learning that were not achieved at the previous level. The results of the BDAT will enable schools and teachers to determine students' strengths and weaknesses in specific skills. This information will allow teachers to development individualized student learning plans to address identified deficiencies and gaps. The ministry will provide support to principals and teachers in administering, grading, and interpreting the results of the BDAT and in developing school improvement plans focused on improved student learning and achievement."

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