It's been a while since we've heard from Miss Universe Belize Iris Salguero, and like most Miss Universe Belize's post pagent, she's grown her social media following and used her new status as a household name to soak up some endorsement deals.

But tonight Iris isn't in the news for any ribbon-cutting or baby-kissing, instead, she's made the news for a series of very bad regulation-breaking behavior that she and a group of friends put down while partying maskless, at Caye Caulker's famous Split.

It was all recorded on Iris's Instagram the drinking, the dancing, and all of it with no social distancing insight.

Now, you could chalk it all down to youthful exuberance. A classic case of rebellion brought on by almost two years of Covid constraint, but stakeholders in the tourism industry who are still smarting from G.O.B.'s curfew are outraged, asking if this is the kind of example that Miss Universe Belize out to be setting.

And this evening 7News spoke to the owner of the establishment in which Salguero was partying but he declined to comment saying only that he accepts responsibility for the incident and in hindsight should have kicked the group out of the establishment.

Miss Universe Apologizes

Last night we told you about the controversy surrounding Miss Universe Belize, Iris Salguero's weekend Instagram story.

It caused outrage when the reigning queen and a group of friends were spotted maskless, lawless, and seemingly without a COVID care in the world.

But tonight after the backlash that resulted from that insta story Miss Universe Belize has made a public apology. Taking once again to Instagram she wrote quote: "I will be taking full responsibility for my actions and I extend an apology. I am only human but I can see how my actions from this past weekend can be seen as negative."

She goes on to quote: "I sincerely apologize to ALL Belizeans, especially those working tirelessly in the health sector and stakeholders in the tourism industry. The pandemic is something that we should all take very seriously." End quote.

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