While the police are trying to get things under control in Belize City, things seem to be getting out of hand on Caye Caulker, where COVID cases are steadily increasing. And this may be because of the crowds seen at The Split, and specifically an establishment just outside of it. Recent video footage shows Miss Universe Belize, Iris Selguero and others at the establishment not abiding by COVID protocols. Today, we asked the Minister if he would consider shutting it down just as the police have been doing in other parts of the country.

Hon. Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries
"Like you mentioned, it's a very tricky situation and we always have to strike that balance between having an attractive tourism product but at the same time coming down hard on individuals and patrons of restaurants not complying and so we have discussed that, that is something we have to have greater police presence or at the very minimum, JP presence to ensure that the patrons of these establishments are not breaching these protocols. I saw that the young lady has issued an apology but at the same time, we cannot just allow it to go like that so I will be speaking with the Commissioner about that because I just saw it last night on the news to see what can be done about that particular establishment owner, like you said we have been cracking down in other parts of the country, I know in Belize City we have cracked down on two establishments already and so we have to continue this very aggressive effort and we are just asking the proprietors of these establishment to comply, it is very easy to comply with these regulations, people can come in and dine, they can have a beverage, but at the same time you cannot be up and dancing and mingling in the establishment as though it's a dance."

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