Road works are underway on several portions of the Philip Goldson Highway between miles twenty-four and a half, and ninety-two. Today, Chief Engineer with the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing, Lennox Bradley shared the extent of the improvements with News Five.

Voice of: Lennox Bradley, Chief Engineer, MIDH

"As part of that, we're also upgrading the Corozal bypass, it's another eleven point five miles. So you add sixty-two plus the eleven point five miles that we'll be rehabilitating to paved standards right up to the Northern border. That is one. We've already completed the Hummingbird Highway and replaced several bridges and converted those single lanes to double lanes. We are about to complete the George Price Highway between Roaring Creek and Santa Elena up to La Loma Luz. We've completed John Smith, which builds redundancy in our road networks. Most of our highways, I could tell you, with the investment that the Government of Belize has done, will take care of the highways, will upkeep the highways to a high standard. In fact, it will also allow for heavier loads from our highways because we have increased the design capacity from eight point one-five tons to nine (tons) which really helps with cross-border traffic - Mexico-Belize-Guatemala, Guatemala-Belize-Mexico. That's for trade in the future. So highways are really being taken care of. The Ministry now, with its in-house equipment and personnel, are looking at addressing the concerns of villages, of farmers, because our farm roads and our village streets really didn't have the required attention that they ought to have, and so, we are focusing on the village streets and the farm roads countrywide."

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