Samsung has a new official Belizean distribution partner, its Belizean cell phone dealer, Cellular World, a company that has studied and mastered the Belizean market during its 16 years of operations and in that time sold multitudes of Samsung phones.

The difference now is that they'll be authorized to do so and equipped, at their flagship location, with a Partner and Service center that should change the game of cellphone ownership in Belize. Here's that story.

These shiny new devices on display at the Radisson this morning heralded a major change in the Belizean electronic landscape. That change is a huge accomplishment for the company known as Cellular World because it makes them the country's Samsung distribution partner.

But what does that mean for the average consumer?

Avril Eiley - Sales & Business Development Manager
"Belizeans will now be able to enjoy the latest releases of both phones and tablets, a variety of Samsung models in various colours, authentic devices registered to Belize via cellular world distribution, standardized pricing throughout the country via official nationwide re-sellers, the awesome nationwide experience in Samsung stores with access to seasonal promotions, better inventory access, a one year warranty which will allow shoppers to have a piece of mind when shopping in Belize."

And on hand to celebrate the milestone was, not just the cellular World employees but also a regional team out of Guatemala.

Allan Barrios - Regional Product Manager, Samsung Latin America
"We are combining now the point of sale with the point of service so that the experience can be guaranteed from the beginning to the end and the customer can enjoy a very good journey."

And they're stayed on message this morning making it clear to Belizeans that this new partnership should streamline and simplify the experience of buying and owning a Samsung phone.

Jose Ramirez - Head of Customer Service, Samsung
"With this new service center we are ensuring a one-year local warranty plus faster delivery time and device repair services. What can you expect of the one-year warranty? Certified technicians for --services, authorized spare parts, and expedited turnaround time, what we want is to offer our customers an awesome experience."

Allan Barrios
"We're going to be able to deploy our product roadmap in a better way, in a faster way. Samsung usually follows a timeline for launches but as soon as the products are available for the region, they are gonna be available for Belize as well. And the price structures, the price offers, that's what this partnership also means we are going to be able to review and work together with the cellular world and the resellers on offers."

Now, Cellular World's Belizean staff is hoping that the security offered through this elevated service will make customers less likely to purchase unregistered devices from abroad.

Karan Sabnani - Director, Cellular World
"We're hoping that bringing a one year warranty is equivalent to having a piece of mind and we are hoping to eventually get the Belizean consumer to buy into this concept to understand now that it's new for Belize but this is something that happens everywhere else now in our region so we're proud to offer this now to our local consumer, 17 years of serving them, we just found it deserving that people start to have a reliable option, tackling informal markets is why we have gone with strategic partners so that we have 42 locations as we roll out today nationwide including the Cayes and we plan to grow the partnerships as we go along so that it can become an experience that's easy to enjoy."

Samsung products will also be offered through a nationwide network of resellers including Cellular World, Digi, Courts, Tropigas, Dibary, Odette's Home Center, Top Gadgets, and Cellular Plus.

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