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SPTC teams up with Hol Chan to protect turtle nesting areas in north Ambergris Caye

Almost 400 students from secondary and tertiary levels made their way to the Angel Nuñez Auditorium on Saturday, August 28th, for their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine against the disease. The next round of vaccinations will cover primary school students. Accompanied by their parents/guardians, students ages 12-17 visited the auditorium within the San Pedro High School grounds from as early as 9AM. Every child was required to produce a signed consent form from parents or legal guardians before getting the injection. Identification documents such as a Social Security Card or passport were needed at the time of registration.

A couple of students shared with The San Pedro Sun that they were initially nervous, but the presence of their parents gave that sense of safety. Some described the injection as nothing but a pinch on the arm. One student said that COVID-19 is real, and people should take advantage and get that extra protection against the virus. Most parents said that if their children go back to face-to-face teaching, having them vaccinated is the best way to guarantee their safety.

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