ACP Joseph Myvett this afternoon told the media about the police department having arrested a number of persons at gambling houses in the city. According to the police, sets of people had been hosting gambling events at two locations in Belize City. Over the weekend, after a month of surveillance, police carried out operations that led to the detention and charges against the violators of the Gambling Act.

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch

"On Friday evening, around six p.m., after about a month of surveillance being conducted because of activities being carried out at the home of Lester Levy on Nursey Street, Belize City, an operation was carried out where a number of ten other persons were found there gambling and as a result, those persons have been charged under the Gambling Act as well as Mister Lester has been charged for hosting an illegal gathering. We do expect though that as the investigation progresses, there may be other charges levied against him. Also, there was a simultaneous operation carried out on Freetown Road at another gambling house which was being operated by one Earlin Neal where a number of persons were also found and have also been arrested and charged in relation to that. We continue to urge those persons to take seriously the regulations in respect to the health issues and those things are discouraged but however seemingly a number of persons are not adhering; hence the reason we are carrying out these operations."

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