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Many islanders are known for their love of dogs, and Ambergris Caye is one of those pet havens with great stories involving these furry friends. One untold tale is about a pot-licker known as Copper, who hangs around/guards the hangar area of Tropic Air at the John Greif III Municipal Airport. Known to have been abandoned from a very young age, Copper found his home growing up around motorized equipment, paint shops, and aircraft.

According to one of his caretakers, William Carroll, Copper's story began in the DFC area of San Pedro Town. The pup was born under an old turned-over boat in a mangrove swamp to a well-known Dutch resident's male dog and a loner female French Bulldog named Lola. As the story goes, little Copper was abandoned to survive on his own around eight weeks of age and grew up foraging for food and shelter. Copper had a tough life as packs of dogs on the island were very territorial. He would find a new place to sleep and go out to find scraps of food when he was hungry.

All the trials of living on the street made Copper a resilient dog. Today, he is not afraid of man or beast when he is protecting his territory. Over time, he grew up, and years ago, he ventured from DFC north to downtown, where he ended up at the airport, where he met John Greif II and was welcomed to the old Tropic Air hangar. This became his newfound territory up to today.

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