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On Tuesday, August 31st, staff, and volunteers from Xsite Belize Sailing & Adventures went to SAGA Humane Society's Fort Dog to make much-needed improvements. The facility is now in better condition for the comfort and safety of the dogs after a day's work. Xsite's co-owner, Tammy Lemus, spearheaded the rehabilitation project after noticing the facility needed attention. Tuesday was perfect for volunteering as it is usually a slow day in their busy schedule. Fort Dog is home to several dogs cared for by SAGA. The shelter houses lost, unwanted and homeless dogs and puppies. Fort Dog is a temporary home until they are adopted to a permanent one.

With materials on hand, the team of volunteers got to work. They put up a new fence and replaced the old latches and hinges. Some new PVC pipes were needed, and at the end of the day, the place had a different look and feel. Lemus thanked their dedicated staff and volunteers for their time and hard work to benefit the dogs.

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