A group of about twenty or so business owners and artists within the dining and entertainment industry have signed a petition and sent it to the Ministers of Health and Wellness and Home Affairs. They are asking for special exemptions from the restrictions placed on restaurant license holders in the Belize District limiting customer capacity and enclosed dining areas. The request comes on the heels of exceptions made recently for restaurants in Caye Caulker and San Pedro, as well as casinos and certain private events. In particular, the petitioners want an extension of curfew time, given that patrons, employees, and employers are vaccinated. Proprietor of Thirsty Thursday, Khris Rosado says that they want to be included in the exemptions because they too are struggling to survive the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Khris Rosado, Co-Owner, Thirsty Thursday Restaurant & Bar

“Given the magnitude of the tourism industry, it was probably easy for everybody to forget us, but we are still here on a daily basis dealing with all the local people and we have been affected from 2020 up until now. I am sure that my other colleagues would agree when I say it has been nothing but difficulties since the beginning of this pandemic. We intend to deliver this petition. We came up with the idea because it is about time that our voices are heard. Nobody has stepped up and we decided to take the step and get a petition going and we’ve received tremendous support from at least eighteen prominent businesses and we are serving it to the ministry of health and the ministry of police because we’ve had hardships with the S.I. and we’ve had hardships with the police in terms of how they have been enforcing certain rules. And we just feel the need to speak up about it so that they can give consideration to our industry as well. Any consideration given to this industry would be greatly appreciated. We’ve unfortunately noticed that other industries are getting considerations and there is nothing presented when it comes to our industry. So we feel that it is about time that we step up and we are coming together – I think that maybe through this an association needs to be formed – that’s actually been one of the main topics after having visited all these people. And it is about time we came together collectively and have a voice.”

Channel 5