San Pedro Police reports indicate that 38-year-old Vanessa Hall, a Belizean domestic of the San Juan Area, arrived at the San Pedro Polyclinic on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, to see a doctor and was sitting in the waiting area when she became unresponsive. She was taken to the emergency ward where Dr. Aneiros later pronounced her dead at 7:49am.

When San Pedro C.I.B Personnel arrived at the polyclinic, entering the emergency ward, they observed the lifeless body of Vanessa Hall dressed in a black/grey and red dress lying on a hospital bed. There where no signs of injuries or physical violence observed on Hall's body. A COVID-19 rapid test was conducted that later came out positive.

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Unvaccinated island woman passes away from COVID

The woman, identified as Vanessa Hall, was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 and reliable reports indicate she was unvaccinated. On Monday, September 13th, at about 4PM, Hall was at the clinic complaining of abdominal pain, fever, chills, bloating, and a cough she had for the past three days. After being attended to by a doctor and given medication, she was told that some blood work was needed. Hall was advised to return later in the day. It is unknown if she went to the laboratory for the requested blood work.

Hall returned on Tuesday and suddenly passed away in the waiting area of the health center. A reliable source indicated that there was no record of her receiving any dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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