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Awesome experience to see a jaguar swimming from island to island on the flats while heading to the permit grounds.

Fly-fishing tour guide Michael Peralta and his guests witnessed a rare sighting on the northwest coast of Ambergris Caye on Tuesday, September 14th while on their way to the fishing flats. They suddenly spotted something swimming in the water and to their surprise, it was far from a marine creature, but a juvenile jaguar.

The big wild cat swam near the fishing boat, while followed by dolphins. Peralta said it happened around 7AM and from his judgment, the jaguar was swimming from Deer Caye to Ambergris Caye. "When he first saw us, he showed us his teeth and coiled up his tail," said Peralta. He said it was great excitement for him and his guests. Unexpected and stunning. According to him, it was a fast swimmer and was heading towards the area near Bacalar Chico National Park and Marine Reserve.