One place where the virus is running wild is Belize City - as you see on the nightly COVID numbers. Tonight it's 60 new cases in the city.

This evening Dr. Diaz told us that the Covid outbreak in the country's largest city is due to population density and the proximity of houses in many of the City's most virus prone areas.

Dr. Melissa Diaz Musa
"Belize District is the most populated district. It's very dense compared to the smaller districts where a lot of the dwellings are very far apart. In Belize City the density is much more when you look at the population. many big businesses are in Belize City, the commerce, the big banks etc., so you have a lot of people traveling into the city for work, traveling to other places after work. We have the big businesses that would have 300-400 persons working together. So you know we have always tried to keep the spread out of Belize City, because we know what the situation could potentially be and unfortunately Delta has infiltrated Belize City at this point. we can definitely control it, but it would take the entire community, it would take collaboration with the ministry of health, ministry of home affairs, with the individual persons, with the businesses, everybody will have to work together and do the same thing and have the same goal in order for us to have effectively control the spread."

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