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Large groups of island residents have been lining up to get their vaccine against COVID-19. Long lines have been observed stretching south and north of the Lions Den on Barrier Reef Drive as hundreds of islanders seek to get vaccinated. For many, it is their first dose of the injection, while others are showing up for their second vaccination. There were reports that the vaccine was going to be made available, but for a fee. The health department denied such allegation, and assured the public that all vaccines are free of cost.

According to data from health personnel on the island, as of Wednesday, September 15th, 10,000+ persons have received their first dose and 5,000+ are fully vaccinated. The population of San Pedro Town, which is around 20,000, although it fluctuates with people moving back to the mainland, is nearing the 10,000 mark for fully vaccinated people. This will account for about 50% of the island population being inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccine. A couple of people standing in line to get their first dose shared that they were initially hesitant, but after much research and losing close friends sick with the disease, they opted for the protection of the injection. "This is real, and if the vaccine will protect us, then that's the only option we have," said one resident. Others getting their second jab took the opportunity to encourage anyone still doubting the vaccine. According to one of them, full vaccination is a relief knowing you have a better chance to survive the virus.

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