Mayor Gualberto "Wally" Nunez, along with fellow Council members of The San Pedro Town Councilís new administration had unanimously decided that the position of Deputy Mayor would be shared equally upon assuming office. Our First Deputy was Ms. Dianeli Aranda, whom we commend for her dedication during that time.

We take pleasure in announcing Mr. Ernesto Bardalez as the new Deputy Mayor. He carries the Portfolio for Tourism Promotion, Public Utilities & Infrastructure, Public Relations, Communication & Consultation services.

Kindly see the updated Councilors Portfolios here:

[Linked Image]

The new portfolio for the councillors are as follows:

Mayor Wally NuŮez will be in charge of Finance and Revenue collection, Economic Development, Foreign Relations, Sanitation, and Waste management, and Traffic.

Ernesto Bardalez is the Deputy Mayor. He will carry the portfolio for Tourism Promotion, Public Utilities, and Infrastructures, Public Relations, Communication, and Consultation services.

Adaly Ayuso will be in charge of Tourism Services and development, Customer Service, Public Events, Building Unit, and Culture.

Dianeli Aranda will carry the responsibility of Human Development, Woman Affairs, Youth Development, and Disability Services.

Jose Castellanos has the portfolios of Sports, Recreational Planning, Crime reduction & policing Drug Abuse, and Neighbourhood Watch.

Johnnia Duarte will look after Community Beautification and Upkeep, Parks and Playgrounds, Environment and climate change, and Disability services.

Marina Kay is in charge of Education, Public Health, Market Management, Town Zoning, and Non-Governmental Organizations.