One concern many have is concerning the many thousands of vaccines in stock and if they are nearing their expiration date. We asked the head table about this and they confirmed that none of the vaccines will be expiring in the near future. Most have a year or more to go.

Dr. Julio Sabido - Representative, MOHW
"The Johnson & Johnson vaccines that we recently got have an expiration date of but it's 2023. The Pfizer vaccines we just got communication from CAPHA that those that were to expire in November, the data is recommended that we extend it to February 2022, that is information we got on Monday from the Caribbean Public Health Agency. So we do not have any vaccines that are going to expire on us, most of them have been in arms, what we try to do, those that have the shortest expiration date we start use those and send them out to the region so those are the ones that are being used."

168,000 new Johnson and Johnson vaccines came into the country yesterday and there are Pfizer shipments pending.

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