Here's where the best Varieties of Fresh Juice are in San Pedro!
Outside of going into a shop to get a fresh local fruit and vegetable juice, this awesome roadside juice seller has an amazing array of juices available to buy - at great prices! $2-3bzd ($1-1.50usd) will get you 12oz of the freshest and tastiest juice around, served with the friendliest customer service!

Located on Coconut Drive just South of Mermaids Supermarket and just North of Roadkill bar (great burgers and tacos!) on the East side of the street!

Fruit juice stand in San Pedro - Full Craboo juice taste test
I couldn't understand what Steven said about what craboo juice tasted like either, so I just decided to try it anyway and make my own opinion! Taste test at about the 3 min 20 sec mark!

Follow up on my juice seller post!
Today I delivered the sandwich board to Steven!