Meeting 18th September, 2021

Minister Andre Perez met with members of the business community on Saturday 18th Sept. The main objective of the meeting was to firstly clarify that Caye Caulker is exempt from the earlier curfew and the lock down Sundays and secondly to appeal to the business community to do our part to protect our interest during this time. This means enforcing the protocols of social distancing, mask wearing and hand sanitizing. We MUST be strict with these measures, especially as Caye Caulker will most likely be the main local tourist destination at these times. A reminder to all restaurant owners and water taxis to run at the required capacity and no more. No drinking without eating and ALL establishments must insist on hand washing or sanitizing and mask wearing. The minister did his part to have us exempt at the National Government level for tourism and his constituency and now we must play an important role to keep figures from rising during this time.

Flights will still be running and it will be confirmed soon if water taxis will run at a minimal service on the subject Sundays.

On a lighter note, it was confirmed by the nurse that 1500 residents in Caye caulker are now fully vaccinated. Our aim is to get this figure higher in the next few weeks and therefore CCBA along with a few business owners are coming up with an initiative for a plan to educate this who may be 'on the fence'. The objective of this initiative spearheaded by the CCBA is to be able to market the island as a safe destination for the upcoming high season.