Several motorcades were prevented from arriving in Belize City on Saturday and law enforcement officers were deployed to the George Price and Philip Goldson highways to thwart their attempt at protesting downtown. According to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, with Belize City being the current epicenter of COVID-19, such an activity would have endangered the public.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"The public was warned not to organize or to partake in any such event due to the fact that it was illegal. These persons had not even applied for a permit to demonstrate. So what we did on Saturday morning, anticipating that there may be defiance to our request, we set up checkpoints at the Tower Hill Bridge and at mile thirty-one on the George Price Highway to await those persons who we anticipated would have left from the south, the west and the north, to go into Belize City from reaching the city. And so yes, we intercepted a large motorcade at mile thirty-one on the George Price Highway and likewise at the Tower Hill Bridge in Orange Walk Town and those persons in those motorcades were disallowed from going any further. Again, we know that Belize City is the epicenter of COVID-19 right now. Most of the cases we're seeing daily emanate from Belize City and so to have such a large gathering in Belize City at this time is surely nonsensical and putting the lives of innocent people at risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus."

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