Here's hoping that the Public Health Inspectors on the Cayes get a bit of a break.

That's because area rep, Andre Perez says that, even though more can and should be done, his constituents are above the national average when it comes to vaccinations.

Here's his overview of the strides for island immunity - which he shared with us on Monday.

Hon. Andre Perez, Minister, Ministry of The Blue Economy
"I am happy to report to you that Caye Caulker have 80% of the community there. They have exceeded over five thousand people have been vaccinated. And, just a rough estimation, Caye Caulker is six to seven thousand in population including students that's being vaccinated. The last figure we got out there is five thousand people. What I am doing right now is getting other people who are undocumented, those fearful of coming, we are drumming that beat it is ok. This is not about immigration or you being here illegally, it is about you being a resident and being safe and protecting everybody. So Caye Caulker is doing excellent. In terms of San Pedro we have exceeded the population of ten thousand with first vaccination. The full vaccination is about six thousand. We can do more, yes. But, I think we have exceeded over 50%, which is well above the national average we have. So. yes I am satisfied, but if we can do more, Of course, we need to do more and that is what has been the hallmark of my office there is to really be drumming the beat of the campaign of getting our citizens vaccinated. To tell you also this week they are starting off the house-to-house campaign. People that are unable to come out, we are going to give them the vaccination. That is happening in San Pedro and Caye Caulker."

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