5pm Tues.
Steve Sherwin, Resort Director for Ramon's, is flying out in the morning
to Belize to check on our staff and their families and assess damage
at the resort and surrounding areas. With any luck, we'll have some
digital photos by tomorrow afternoon late that I can send to you as well
as a close up assessment. Steve spoke by cell phone at 4:30pm CST
with Carlo who works at our resort and said there were many personal homes
or destroyed and quite a few San Pedro residents homeless. The resorts
on Ambergris Caye which were able to house these residents are opening
their doors to them so they will have a place to stay. Carlo indicated a
for tents, cots, blankets and basic necessities but due to connection
difficulties we only had contact for a couple of minutes of talk time.
was standing on top of a building to get a signal which was nonetheless
sporadic at best.