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San Pedro's Bryce Peterson is preparing to travel to the United States (US) to continue training and prepare for his first match out of the country in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) set for October 23rd in Texarkana, Arkansas. Peterson will be representing Belize in the Bantamweight bout, fighting against Zeke Wilson. He departs the country on Monday, September 27th, for training camp.

On the island, he has been training at his school 'Mind/Matter Academy,' where he also teaches the sport (MMA) to children and adults. Peterson is a Bantamweight Champion and is eager to get back into a ring since the pandemic hit the country last year. The COVID-19 health crisis has banned contact sports in Belize. Peterson told The Sun that he asked his Sensei (martial arts teacher), Jeremy Mahon, in the US to set a fight for him. He did, and over the following weeks leading to the match, Peterson will be training with Mahon. According to Peterson, it is not a title match, but the opportunity is exciting to get back into the ring after over a year and improve his fighting skills. "I think this is a good fight to get me back into it," said Peterson. He is looking forward to the fight and perhaps a title match at the end of December or early January 2022. One of his main goals is to compete in the well-known Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC. For Peterson, these fights are the preparation process to climb the ladder and compete at more prestigious MMA events.

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