The Belize District continues to lead the country by the number of newly-reported COVID-19 infections with Belize City consistently being the municipality reporting the highest number of cases. While cases skyrocket in the mainland, the tourism hotspots like Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker and Placencia are reporting relatively low cases of infection. There are currently, close to 60 active cases in San Pedro, 5 in Caye Caulker and 9 in Placencia. Why are these tourist hotspots with the highest concentration of international visitors showing lower cases of infection than the rest of the country? That could be attributed to the higher rate of vaccination in these popular tourist destinations in the country.

Belize is already reporting one of the highest rates of vaccination in the region, according to Dr. Marcelo Coyi, member of the COVID-19 Medical Task Force in Belize. More than 110,000 persons in the county have been fully vaccinated. Dr. Coyi says this is one of the highest numbers in the region. “We have about 45% of our population with at least a first dose and of that 45%, I think 25% are fully vaccinated. When you compare it to the other Caribbean countries, actually we rank very high,” commented Dr. Coyi.

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