Changes are coming to what is arguably the frustrating government office in the country: Vital Statistics. Now, we've all heard horror stories - or maybe endured them ourselves - of long lines and documents being lost, and for those in the rural communities, having to travel back and forth to the city to get their paperwork done. But the government is planning to change that, starting with online services. On September 4th, the Attorney General Magali Marin visited the department and spoke with some of the residents. Only the press office was invited and here's what she told them:

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Attorney General Visits Vital Statistics Unit

The Attorney General Hon. Magali Marin Young recently visited the Vital Statistics Unit Central Office in Belize City to get a firsthand look at operations there as well as hear from the public the challenges faced. The Attorney General shared that both employees and customers at the Vital Statistics Unit can look forward to major changes coming to the department, including more efficient service and a new and spacious location.