October 3rd is the second no movement Sunday, but in the latest SI there is a major change. Grocery stores won't be open this Sunday.

While the previous SI said a person's right to move during the hours of 4am and 6:59pm is restricted to the moment for the purpose of purchasing essential needs of food supplies, fuel, or pharmaceuticals, this new SI substitutes this with just purchasing fuel or pharmaceutical drugs, meaning you cannot move around to purchase food supplies.

Then, the new SI adds that grocery stores have been removed from the list of businesses allowed to be open.

The other major change is that vaccination cards or negative COVID tests will be needed to enter only into government buildings. An employee who works in a public medical institution, government office, or office of a statutory body who is not immunized will need to present a test every two weeks.

For the remainder of the public, they will need a COVID negative test, or their vaxx card and they must make an appointment.

And for those without a vaccine, those going into a court building

will have to provide a test taken within two weeks.

And, if you're going into a police station without a vaccine, to make a police report; or the prison for the purpose of being remanded or serving a prison sentence - you'll need a negative test.

However, if you're being detained, questioned or charged, you can enter into a police station without a test provided you will submit to testing by health authorities.

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