Jasmine Gets Disclosure

And Magistrate Perrera's second high profile case, was none other than Jasmine Hartin, the former partner of Lord Ashcroft's son who's been charged for manslaughter by negligence.

The news tonight is that Hartin's long-awaited trial has an official start date, February 16th, 2022.

She also has 81 pages of partial disclosure. Here's more from san PEdro:

It was back to court for Jasmine Hartin this morning, and this time instead of an adjournment she got what's called partial disclosure.

But in court today the cops claimed that quote: "New developments in the investigations into the case of manslaughter by negligence in the shooting death of Supt. Henry Jemmott meant that they were unable to grant her full disclosure."

81 pages of it on the matter of the manslaughter of Superintendent Henry Jemmott to be exact.

And a further 5 and 8 pages on the matters of common assault and possession of a controlled drug respectively. It was given without an appearance by attorney Dickie Bradley, who she says was in Belmopan on another matter.

Hartin addressed the press briefly as she left the court.

Jasmine Hartin, Charged for Manslaughter
"I just received disclosure, and it's been adjourned."

"Three different charges, right?"

Jasmine Hartin, Charged for Manslaughter
"Yeah, so later this year and early next year, but I have to speak to my lawyer first."

Hartin is set to receive additional disclosure documents at her next court date on December 9th.

Hartin is set to receive additional disclosure documents during her next court appearance on December 9th, 2021.

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Jasmine Hartin Given Partial Disclosure in Manslaughter by Negligence Case

There was no drama today at the San Pedro Magistrate Court when Jasmine Hartin's legal case continued. News Five was there early this morning as Hartin waited in the lobby on the second floor of the San Pedro Police Station before she was called into the court for disclosure. No attorney accompanied her.� Around 10:30 a.m., she appeared alone before Magistrate Cristina Perera where partial disclosure was presented for the Manslaughter by Negligence charge for the killing of Superintendent Henry Jemmott in San Pedro in May. That matter was adjourned to December ninth when additional documents will be handed over to her. The Canadian national appeared was also given full disclosure for the charges of Common Assault and Possession of a Controlled Drug. As Hartin exited the court and hopped on to a golf cart, News Five asked her to comment on the proceedings.

Jasmine Hartin, Charged for Manslaughter by Negligence

"Sorry, I just received disclosures and it's been adjourned."

Duane Moody

"For three different charges right?"

Jasmine Hartin

"That's correct."

Duane Moody

"I think they were adjourned till later this year; at least one of them."

Jasmine Hartin

"Yeah so later this year and early next year. But I have to speak to my lawyer first."

For the common assault and drug charges, Hartin's trial is set to begin on February sixteenth, 2022.

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