A legend in the making has gone abroad to train his brain.

Manatee Man Jamal Galvez, has made his name on the front-line of the fight, to protect manatee populations.

And now, he's being rewarded for his diligence by being granted the 2021 WCS Christensen Conservation Leaders Scholarship sponsored by the Wildlife Conservation Society's Graduate Scholarship Program. Jamal is now pursuing a Master's Degree in Coastal Science and Policy at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Jamal is quoted as saying "Achieving this degree will better prepare me for the threats of unsustainable development and tourism activist that are threatening the survival of the endangered Antillean manatees."

Nicole Auil Gomez who nominate him says "Jamal is the second of two Belizean scholarship recipients for this globally competitive opportunity. His achievement is the culmination of nearly two decades of experience and personal development."

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